Friday, April 23, 2010

...And So It Ends (Part Two)

Now that I think about it, my first day in Australia mirrors my last day in Australia. I arrived in Sydney on a Thursday night, 2nd of February 2006, and was picked up from the airport by my brother. The very next day, my brother was still doing his placement outside of Sydney, so he gave me instructions of how to take the train in order to go to the city. And so I did: that Friday I spent the whole day discovering Sydney by myself.

Four years later, I arrived in Sydney on a Thursday night, and was picked up from the train station by a friend. The very next day, my friend had to go to a hospital for placement, so he told me where the train station was, so that I could go to the city by myself. And so I did: this Friday I am spending the whole day re-discovering Sydney, taking pictures and being a tourist.

I came to Australia via Sydney, and Sydney is where I finally depart from this country. A true hub of transpacific migration. My point of entry and point of departure. My first and last minutes in Australia.

And so it ends. Now, to see what the future holds. But the memories, the friendships and the knowledge gained will always be with me.

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Tim & Katrina Earnshaw said...

Wish I could have wondered around Sydney with you Vernon. Looking forward to more posts:)