Friday, December 4, 2009


Airports are indeed the hubs of contemporary human migration. It is always an interesting experience to step out of the plane and be surrounded by crowds of migrants, people rushing in all directions carrying their belongings in tiny suitcases. Some of the are leaving, some are arriving, some people are in transit, waiting in boredom whilst listening to their iPods or reading their favourite books. Emotions are all over the place, with people crying for the departure of the beloved ones, people embracing the ones they haven't seen in a long time, businessmen talking on the phone absent-minded from the world around them, and of course, the typical tourist being enticed to buy memorabilia before leaving...

From these buildings, majestic airplanes come and go, lifting up their wings to as many destinations as you desire: Tokyo, Brisbane, Paris, Rome, San Salvador, Sao Paulo, Tel-Aviv, New York, Miami, Toronto, Cairo, Sydney... The possibilities are endless, the connections are unlimited. Those who fly across the skies embrace the joy of participating in cross-cultural human migrations; those who are left behind embrace the sadness of the 'good-bye'.

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